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Smart Lead App

Create powerful Smart Lead Apps to attract more leads


Marketing CRM

Use the incorporated CRM to manage all your leads


Landing Pages

Customise landing page templates to match your brand


Email Sequences

Create automated emails to follow up every lead


Better Prospects

Get all the information you need to make the sale


Share Everywhere

Share your lead on Your website, emails, advert and social media


Your Industry

Use Smart Lead App with any industry or marketplace


No Ads

There no ads on any subscription, it's yours to use


Your Domain

Use a custom domain for every landing page


Offer Value

Your prospects will share their information with you but only when they have a reason to.

Smart Lead App gives them that reason.

Create a lead generation tool that your prospects will want to complete.

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Market to Prospects

When you know what your prospects are looking for, you can offer to match their perfect solution.

By using their answers you can craft the perfect package to match their specific needs.

Use the built-in CRM to manage all your hot leads. 

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Customer Information

Use Smart Lead for a host of services additional services.

Create product surveys, analysis reports, service requirements, financial assessments, customer surveys and more.

Understanding more about your customers is key to delivering a truly great service.

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Your Branding

To give your potential and current customers the best experience, yours is the only branding they will see.

Add your logo, colours, contact information, email details to every Smart Lead.

It's your tool, use it!

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