Offer Valuable Information

Gather Prospect Data

Provide A Perfect Solution 


Smart Lead App makes lead generation easy, delivering focused, warm leads with the exact data you need to convert them to sales.


How it Works

Don't Buy Leads 

Generate Them Yourself!


News Update

Smart Lead App has merged with Tickety Boo Digital

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Done For You

We create your Smart Campaigns for you, it couldn't be easier!


Marketing CRM

Use the incorporated CRM to manage all your leads


Landing Pages

Use customised landing pages to attract your perfect client


Email Sequences

Use automated emails to message and follow up your campaigns


Better Prospects

Automatically gather all the information you need to make the sale


Share Everywhere

Share your campaign on your website, emails, adverts and social media


Your Industry

Use Smart Campaigns with any industry or marketplace


Your Branding

Everything is branded for your business, making the right impression


Your Domain

Use a custom domain for every landing page


Offer Value

Prospects will share their information with you, but only when they have a reason to.

Smart Campaigns give them that reason.

Use a lead generation tool that your prospects will want to complete.





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Share Everywhere

Smart Campaigns can be sent from the built-in email marketing suit.

You can market it through any advertising medium that displays a URL: Google, social ads or marketing campaigns.

Add your campaign to your Linkedin profile, website, social media, email signature and more.







Gather Lead Information

Smart Campaigns have been developed to collect all the information you need to provide a perfect proposal.

What is the information that you would like to know? Budgeting, service requirements, the number of users, pain points or expectations? The choice is yours.

Understanding more about your customers is key to delivering a genuinely outstanding proposal.



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Your Campaigns

Use Smart Campaigns for a host of services and additional services.

Give your potential and current customers the best experience, so your branding is the only branding they will see.

Your logo, colours, contact information, email details are customised just as you want to see them.

We customise everything for your business.



Smart Campaigns

That Your Prospects Will Love!


We build prospect friendly campaigns that create more leads 24/7.