Smart Lead Features

We’ve built Smart Lead App to generate a genuine reason for your leads and customers to share what is essential to them. Giving you the information you need to make that next sale.



The Perfect Lead

Creating a genuine reason for sharing their information, potential customers and visitors will provide you with information that will turn them into hot leads.

When you understand your customer's needs, requirements and desires, it enables you to offer precisely what they are looking for.



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Smart Questions

Easily create questions that create customised reports for your visitors.

- Choose the question types
- Deliver the questions in any order
- Adjust the weight of the answers
- Choose what information you collect
- Add all the questions you need




Dynamic Reporting

The smart Lead App will deliver dynamic results based on the algorithm instantly to you and your customer.

- Dynamic search results
- PDF reports
- Participant answers
- Automated directly to CRM
- Marketing tools



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Marketing Tools

Build your database with clear precise and useful information. Then use that information to provide the products and services that your customers want.

- Gain detailed and relevant customer data

- Automated email follow-ups 

- Manage and collate directly from the in-built CRM

- Customise from a range of landing pages

- Add links to emails, websites documents and more





 Your Styling

 Easily customise your Smart Lead to make it your own. Add new Smart Leads to fit as many campaigns as you need, in your style.

- Your logos

- No Smart lead branding

- Designer landing pages

- Your colours, fonts, text and images

- Your URL's

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Smart Lead App provides you with all the tools you need to create perfect organic leads 24/7