How Smart Lead App Works

Smart Lead App enables you to get qualified detailed leads 24/7

Understand what your prospects want, then follow up with personalised messages




Create your Smart Lead App

Quickly and easily create high-performance landing pages from a choice of beautiful designs.

Add your questions, categories, dynamic results, automation and your branding to your Smart Lead App. 




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Share your Smart Lead App

Add your Smart Lead App link on your website, social media, emails and marketing to drive lead-rich traffic.

Your prospects provide you will all the data you need to convert them into the perfect lead.






Follow-up & Convert

See all the information your customer has provided, and understand their needs and desires.

Create automated personalised follow-ups and manage all your leads with the built-in CRM.





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Use it for more than just leads

Smart Lead App is not just for getting great new leads.

It can be used for a vast array of tasks and functions;

- Customer analysis

- Financial planning

- Product assessment

- Service/product guides

- Customer surveys

- Gym evaluation

- Onboarding

- Quiz's

- And more . . .

Try Smart Lead App For Free:

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  3. Collect prospects data 
  4. Offer the perfect solution for their needs

Smart Lead App provides you with all the tools you need to create perfect organic leads 24/7